Americans For Prosperity-Tennessee Continues To Push For Full Repeal Of The Hall Income Tax

Apr 12, 2016 by AFP

Group launches radio ads as state director Andrew Ogles calls on legislature to stop playing games.

NASHVILLE, TN – Americans for Prosperity-Tennessee is raising the stakes for a full repeal of the Hall Income Tax with a new radio campaign urging citizens to contact their lawmakers. 

Americans for Prosperity-Tennessee state director Andrew Ogles made the following statement:

“Despite overwhelming support to fully repeal the Hall Income Tax, a few key legislators are blocking the elimination in order to get a deal next year to raise gasoline taxes. If Republican supermajorities in the House and Senate can’t find the will to cut taxes when the state has a surplus of over a BILLION dollars, when will they ever find the courage to do it?”

The Hall tax is the last vestige of a state income tax in Tennessee. Senior citizens are disproportionally affected because it targets retirement savings by imposing a 6% tax on interest from bonds and dividends from stock.

Ogles appeared on the Ralph Bristol show on 99.7 WWTN in Nashville yesterday morning to discuss how Governor Haslam has attempted to use the Hall Income Tax as a way to pass a gas tax hike next year:

“The Governor is playing games with the Hall Income Tax in order to raise the gasoline tax next year. With a billion dollar surplus we support increasing funding for road repair and construction by returning the $260 million robbed from the road fund several years ago. We do not and will not support a gasoline tax increase and will bring activists from across the state to the Legislative Plaza next year to stop it.”

“Tennesseans aren’t interested in playing games. We don’t support trading horses to repeal one tax, just to pass another. We’ve been asked to remain neutral on efforts to pass a gasoline tax increase in exchange for repealing the Hall Income Tax. Any tax cut or increase needs to stand on it’s own merits. It is time for politicians to stop playing games with taxpayer money and vote to repeal the Hall Income Tax.”

AFP launched a sixty second radio ad last week calling on taxpayers to support full repeal of the Hall Income Tax. 

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