Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina Announces 2017 Legislative Agenda

Jan 11, 2017 by AFP

RALEIGH – Today the North Carolina chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the state’s premier conservative grassroots organization, announced its 2017 Legislative Agenda at the North Carolina General Assembly. The agenda, listed below, continues AFP’s advocacy for policies that reduce the tax burden, lower healthcare costs while increasing access to quality care, and expand educational and economic opportunity for all North Carolinians. 

State Director Donald Bryson issued the following statement:

“One of the reasons it is so exciting to work for Americans for Prosperity is that we advocate for good policy year-round, not merely during election cycles.  Our aggressive state and federal legislative agendas reflect our tireless commitment to standing up for the taxpayers, workers, parents, and job creators against the special interest that want more of their money.  There are dozens of opportunities for lawmakers to improve the lives of their constituents by getting government out of the way – our agenda is only a starting point.

“Our field directors – based in offices from Asheville to Fayetteville – will be busy organizing concerned citizens and helping them make their voices heard at the General Assembly.  Politicians of both parties should be on notice: Americans for Prosperity is watching and we will alert their constituents and hold those politicians accountable for votes not in the interest of economic freedom.”

Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina 2017 Legislative Agenda:

  • Passage of legislative spending limits that could include a Taxpayer Protection Act (TPA);
  • Continuing the path of comprehensive tax reform by reducing the tax burden on North Carolinians and eliminating corporate welfare;
  • Defeat of any legislation seeking to fund Governor Cooper’s illegal Medicaid expansion;
  • Patient-centered health care reform through reform of the state’s Certificate of Need (CON) laws;
  • Continued regulatory reform for North Carolina businesses, including reduced regulation on sales for North Carolina distilleries and breweries;
  • Passage of a repeal of North Carolina’s Renewable Portfolio Standard;
  • Increasing educational freedom for North Carolina families by expanding the Opportunity Scholarship Program and removing barriers to entry for charter schools; and
  • Eliminating barriers to entry for small businesses by reforming North Carolina’s occupational licensure laws.
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