Americans for Prosperity: McAuliffe’s Order Fails Virginians on Energy

May 18, 2017 by AFP

New executive order sets Virginia on wrong path

RICHMOND, VA – Governor McAuliffe on Tuesday issued an executive order to regulate carbon emissions from power plants and begin Virginia’s entry into an emissions-trading scheme. This order is the latest example of repeated attempts to impose a harmful green energy agenda, undermining the voice of the people and forcing an anti-growth agenda upon Virginia.

“Cap-and-trade systems have a legacy of failure across the country and around the world, so it’s surprising Governor McAuliffe finds the idea appealing,” said Americans for Prosperity-Virginia State Director JC Hernandez. “Cap-and-trade in Virginia would put our economy at a competitive disadvantage to other states and harm our most fragile communities that depend on jobs in resource-based industries. Thankfully, the next governor has the final say on whether this harmful order remains in place and I hope they will listen to Virginians and work with the legislature on energy issues.”

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