Americans for Prosperity: McAuliffe’s ESA Veto is Wrong for Virginia Parents 

Mar 23, 2017 by AFP

Governor places special interests and status quo ahead of the needs of Virginia children

RICHMOND – Americans for Prosperity – Virginia (AFP-VA) expressed disappointed today over Governor Terry McAuliffe’s veto of HB 1605, which would have established Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) for Virginia parents. AFP-VA explained that ESAs would empower more parents to obtain the best possible education for their children, by allowing them to place pre-tax income into a savings account to pay for schooling expenses. 

AFP-VA Deputy State Director JC Hernandez provided the following statement:

“Governor Terry McAuliffe has let down thousands of Virginia parents and children who want more choices for obtaining a quality education. ESAs are a commonsense, bipartisan way to help all children obtain the schooling that best meets their needs. ESAs would particularly help low and middle income parents afford alternative options for their children. Multiple states have recognized that giving parents more options is a good thing. Unfortunately, Governor McAuliffe has placed the demands of special interests and the status quo ahead of many children. We encourage the General Assembly to bring this legislation back next year and we hope Virginia’s next governor places children first and votes for commonsense parental choice reforms like Education Savings Accounts.”

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