Americans for Prosperity Launches Digital Campaign in Northern Wisconsin

Oct 4, 2016 by AFP

Five-figure ad-buy seeks to continue successful economic reforms.

WAUSAU – Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin is launching a large digital media effort to bolster the door-to-door work of its volunteers and an ongoing mail campaign in Northern Wisconsin. The educational ad reinforces the positive impacts of recent labor, tax, education, and regulatory reforms supported by Senator Tom Tiffany in order to drive citizen support for more reform in the future.

 “In recent years, Senator Tom Tiffany fought for lower taxes on small businesses and working families,” said State Director Eric Bott.  “Senator Tiffany took on Madison regulators who were strangling the economy of the North and continues to work to improve educational opportunities for our children.  We encourage him to continue pushing for commonsense reforms in the next legislative session.


The ad, which can be viewed here, points out several positive statistics about Wisconsin.

  • Unemployment is at a 15 year low and remains low in several Northern Counties:
    • Lincoln – 4.5%
    • Oneida – 4.1%
    • Oconoto – 4.1%
    • Vilas – 4.6%
  • Wisconsin school systems were recently named 5th best
  • Wisconsin had the 6th best wage growth in the nation last year
  • State Revenues are up 3.8%


For more information or an interview please contact Eric Bott at and 608-572-1319.

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