Americans for Prosperity-Kentucky Applauds 6th Circuit Court Decision to Allow Counties to Pass Their Own Right-to-Work Ordinances

Nov 18, 2016 by AFP

The 6th Circuit Court reversed the United States District Court Order in Louisville and upheld Hardin County’s right-to-work ordinance.

HARDIN COUNTY – Today, the 6th Circuit Court reversed an order from a United States District Court in Louisville and upheld Hardin County’s right-to-work ordinance. Thanks to this decision, the opportunity to bring about workplace freedom is now a reality in Kentucky. Currently, 26 states have right-to-work legislation in place.

To view the full decision from the 6th Circuit Court, click here.

Julia Crigler, state director for Americans for Prosperity-Kentucky had the following comment:

“Today’s success in the 6th Circuit Court is a win for worker freedom in Kentucky, and has implications far beyond our Commonwealth. Right-to-work ordinances afford workers with the choices they deserve when it comes to joining unions. Being a union member and paying dues should be a decision that is left up to the worker, not the powerful unions that push for compulsory membership.

“While this decision represents an important first step, it is incumbent upon the legislature to pass right-to-work legislation this coming legislative session to ensure that workers in Kentucky have the freedom they deserve. It is time for Kentucky’s legislature to do what is right for workers in our state and pass right-to-work legislation. We look forward to working with the House, Senate and Governor’s office in this historic effort to make Kentucky America’s 27th right-to-work state.”

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