Americans for Prosperity Calls on Legislature to Embrace Flat Tax

May 4, 2017 by AFP

Assembly proposal includes important reforms, tax reductions.

MADISON – The Wisconsin State Assembly released a comprehensive tax and transportation package Thursday, the “Road to a Flat Tax.” Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin strongly supports several key provisions in the proposal.

“The Road to a Flat Tax proposal will slow the growth of state government for the next decade, returning billions of dollars to hard working families and small businesses,” said Americans for Prosperity State Director Eric Bott. “We commend Representative Dale Kooyenga for his creativity and thank the many members of the Assembly and Senate whose ideas contributed to this proposal.” 

Americans for Prosperity supports several provisions of the Road to a Flat Tax, including:

  • Building upon Governor Walker’s responsible transportation budget proposal
  • Reforming Wisconsin’s minimum markup law on gasoline, the most anti-consumer law of its kind in America
  • Putting Wisconsin on the path to a 3.95% flat income tax
  • Focusing increased revenues on debt reduction to free up future resources for transportation projects, other priorities, or tax relief
  • Repealing Wisconsin’s prevailing wage law
  • A moratorium on controversial and unpopular wheel taxes
  • Enacting federal swap legislation
  • Eliminating 180 staff positions at DOT
  • Eliminating three taxes in their entirety (the AMT or small business tax, the state levied property tax, the internet tax)
  • Eliminating and/or reforming a series of credits, loopholes, and deductions
  • Lowering Wisconsin’s gasoline excise tax, one of the highest in America

“This plan’s major reforms, coupled with tax cuts far exceeding revenue increases, make it worthy of consideration,” said Bott. “We look forward to fully reviewing the proposal and working with both legislative houses and the Governor’s office to enact substantial tax reform and a responsible transportation budget.”

Americans for Prosperity says it will seek at least one improvement to the proposal to limit revenue volatility that might result from the elimination of the sales tax exemption on gasoline. Bott says he appreciates that Assembly members have been open-minded about this recommendation.

For more information contact Eric Bott at or (608) 572-1319.

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