Americans For Prosperity Will Continue the ObamaCare Accountability Ads

Aug 19, 2014 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity Highlights How Pryor and the ACA are Affecting Arkansans

LITTLE ROCK – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) announced that it will continue to run the newest ad urging citizens to tell Senator Mark Pryor that the negative effects of Obamacare are real in Arkansas, and Arkansans are hurting.


“Hardworking Arkansans like Jerry and Wanda from Marion are suffering under ObamaCare,”said AFP Vice President of State Operations Teresa Oelke. “We have decided to extend our advertisement campaign because we want to continue to hold Senator Pryor accountable for his support of the failing Affordable Care Act. The law still isn’t an ‘amazing success story,’ and hardworking Arkansans are seeing their cost of living increase daily while their family budgets are strained.”

The ad is just the latest in Americans for Prosperity’s on-going effort to inform Arkansans about Mark Pryor’s support for big government policies and put pressure on him to change course. AFP is also busy holding phone banks, door knocks and other grassroots events.