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Americans For Prosperity West Virginia makes big radio ad buy on Telemedecine bill.

Feb 11, 2020 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity-West Virginia is launching a statewide radio campaign educating the public on health care lobbyists trying to force West Virginians to pay more for their health care.

The ad explains how special interests are supporting payment parity, a cronyist provision that rigs health care prices in the favor of the powerful and well-connected.

Take a listen to the ad and let your lawmaker know that they shouldn’t raise your health care prices.

Right now, some lawmakers want to make health care even more expensive by adopting Payment Parity.

Payment Parity is a government mandate that would force patients to pay more for telemedicine to line the pockets of powerful special interests, rigging the system in favor of the well connected over ordinary people.

Lawmakers should be looking out for the best interests of patients, not healthcare lobbyists.

Visit and tell your lawmaker “Don’t make health care more expensive! Vote against Payment Parity!”

Paid for by Americans for Prosperity.