Americans for Prosperity to Distribute Earplugs at General Assembly

May 13, 2014 by AFP

Encouraging Legislators Not to Let Pot Banging Drown out the Facts about Economic Freedom

RALEIGH – In response to a planned “pots and spoons” banging demonstration, by the AFL-CIO tomorrow at the state capitol, Americans for Prosperity plans to distribute earplugs to lawmakers, staffers, reporters, and others who are trying to focus on work.

“While the opponents of tax reform, educational freedom, and job creation are angrily banging on pots like young children, members of our legislature, their staff, and others are trying to keep North Carolina moving towards a brighter future,” explained Donald Bryson, Deputy State Director of Americans for Prosperity. “We want to encourage them to ignore the noise and stay on track. They’ve got important work to do expanding educational freedom so more children can go to quality schools, passing budget reform, and cutting the red tape that prevents job creation. If the AFL-CIO is really concerned about workers, then they should be celebrating the job creation going on in North Carolina – not protesting the policies that let it happen.”