Americans for Prosperity Oklahoma Responds to President Obama

Jan 28, 2014 by AFP

“President Obama Needs to Step Outside of Washington, See Disastrous Impact of his Policies”

Oklahoma City – Americans for Prosperity Oklahoma state director John Tidwell offered the following statement in response to President Obama’s State of the Union address. AFP activists from across the country offered personal video responses to the speech which you can see here.

“Tonight, President Obama spoke like a man living in his own world. While praising entrepreneurship, hard work, personal responsibility, and equal opportunity, he doubled down on the failed policies that will continue to make it difficult for millions of Americans to achieve the American dream. The President continues to press issues which build up his party to realize a win in 2014, not to make this country more prosperous.

Five years after “Hope and Change,” 21 million Americans are still looking for work. If the economy is better, why is the Labor participation rate at its lowest point since 1978? President Obama’s policies have left too many of our fellow citizens behind.

Nowhere have his policies directly failed more Americans than his signature health care law. Politifact singled out as the “lie of the year” his broken promises that Americans could keep their health coverage. Now, millions of Americans have lost access to their doctors, millions are watching their premiums spike, and millions are being dumped onto Medicaid, a broken program with the poorest health outcomes.

Click here to see Americans for Prosperity’s new TV ad about Emilie – a woman with Lupus who lost access to her doctor because of ObamaCare.

The real irony is that while the poorest Americans get worse coverage and the middle class gets stuck with higher premiums, those with high incomes will continue to purchase private care – as they always have. President Obama’s policies have done nothing to expand quality, patient-centered care. They’ve simply worsened outcomes for our most vulnerable and made it more difficult for them to get ahead.

ObamaCare and federal spending general has risen dramatically under President Obama and they threatening to smother future economic growth under a mountain of debt. There’s no hiding from the facts: Debt held by the public reached 73 percent of GDP in 2013, far higher than the 39 percent average seen over the past four decades.

And President Obama hasn’t shown any willingness to change: deficits are projected to once again rise toward the trillion dollar mark within the next ten years.

The tired, unimaginative content of the President’s speech failed to live up to its optimistic tone. President Obama means well, but he clearly fails to understand how damaging his policies are to most Americans. Before giving next year’s State of the Union address, he should meet some of the people who have lost health insurance, are fighting to find a job, and will spend much of their life paying off record federal debt. It’s time for President Obama to give economic freedom a try.”

For further information or an interview, please contact John Tidwell or (405) 225-0247.