Americans for Prosperity Ohio: Raising the Sales Tax Does Not Add Up

Jul 29, 2014 by AFP

COLUMBUS – Americans for Prosperity – Ohio is responding to the recent letters to the editor in opposition to the proposed county sales tax increase.  One of the latest letters published in the Akron Beacon Journal, An Unaffordable Tax Increase, points out that a large portion of the sales tax collected will go toward building a new 8,500 seat basketball arena in downtown Akron for the University of Akron.

“Too many families and business owners are still recovering from the recent recession and should not have their burden added upon with this sales tax increase.  The taxpayers of the county have to come before bigger government and basketball arenas,” said Eli Miller, Americans for Prosperity Ohio State Director.  “Taxpayer money should stay in the pocket of the taxpayer rather than the county as much as possible.  We agree with so many local residents who seem to be saying that raising the sales tax at this time just does not add up.”