Americans for Prosperity Ohio: Public Hearings Should Take Place When the Public Can Attend

Jan 17, 2014 by AFP

COLUMBUS – Americans for Prosperity-Ohio is calling for public hearings regarding the so-called “sin tax” debate to take place at times when the public can more easily attend and provide their input.

“If the Cuyahoga County Council truly wants input from the taxpayers of the county, as County Council President C. Ellen Connally has suggested they do, then these hearings should be held at times when taxpayers can attend,” said Eli Miller, Americans for Prosperity Ohio State Director.  “While we appreciate the Council’s scheduling the hearings at different times during the day, it is disturbing that none are scheduled to take place later than 5PM.  Why not hold at least one hearing after 5PM when it will be easier for many of the hard working taxpayers of the county to attend?”

The Cuyahoga County Council is slated to hold public hearings on whether or not to extend the county’s “sin tax” on alcohol and cigarettes to pay for stadium maintenance on January 21 and January 28.

“An issue this important deserves to be debated and discussed with as large an audience as possible,” continued Miller.  “We urge the Cuyahoga County Council to demonstrate their commitment to hearing from the taxpayers and increasing government accountability by moving these hearing times.”