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Americans for Prosperity Minnesota Radio – 3/4/19

Mar 4, 2019 by AFP

Trump’s trade war drags on as the costs to Minnesota’s economy add up. Negotiations continue, but what do we have to show for the pain? Is the decision to delay the latest scheduled round of tariffs a sign of a break in the impasse? Or, is it just evidence that the political reality of raising taxes is finally hitting home in the White House? Host Jason Flohrs chats with Dan Mitchell, co-founder of the Center for Freedom and Prosperity.

Plus – Minnesota’s February forecast is out, showing a reduction in the so-called “surplus”. We’ll talk about the underlying economics and how out-of-control spending impacts growth with Center of the American Experiment economist John Phelan. More cause for alarm – Minnesota’s economy is slowing down, but spending under Governor Tim Walz is only speeding up.