Americans for Prosperity-Illinois Launches Ad against Gov. Quinn’s Proposed Progressive Income Tax

Mar 20, 2014 by AFP

Press Release

 Americans for Prosperity-Illinois Launches Ad against Governor Quinn’s Proposed Progressive Income Tax
Calls on Governor to Not Raise Taxes on Illinoisans, Again

Naperville, IL – Americans for Prosperity-Illinois today launched its next television ad opposing Governor Quinn’s push for a progressive income tax in Illinois.

“In passing a 67% tax hike on all Illinoisans, Governor Quinn and his allies mislead taxpayers by claiming that the tax would be temporary and would pay off unpaid bills,” said AFP-Illinois State Director David From. “Now, these same politicians are telling us the Progressive Income Tax will only affect the wealthy and not drive away jobs.  The reality is that all publicly available rate plans for a Progressive Tax would raise taxes on the vast majority of low and middle income taxpayers, while forcing even more employers to leave the state.”

The 30-second ad titled “Quinn Promises” began running on cable television in the Chicago suburbs, as well as in the Quad Cities, Kankakee, Springfield, Decatur, Metro East, and Southern Illinois. It reminds Illinois residents just how bad our state’s fiscal situation is, despite a record income tax increase Governor Quinn handed to taxpayers three years ago.

The ad sounds the alarm to voters that, just as Governor Quinn and his allies made false claims about the 2011 tax hike being temporary and to get the state on “sound fiscal footing”, the same politicians want to pass a progressive tax using claims that it will only tax the wealthy when it will actually raise tax rates for the vast majority of taxpayers.

This is the latest TV ad in AFP’s campaign opposing the Progressive Income Tax.  Previously, AFP- Illinois aired cable TV ads in January in four cable markets and have been running online ads in six priority legislative districts since the beginning of the year to compliment grassroots activism including phoning, door-to-door and townhall meetings.

Text of Ad:

“Wouldn’t it be great if Springfield politicians were upfront with us…like this progressive tax.  They said it only impacts the wealthy, but it raises taxes on 85 percent of taxpayers.  When Governor Quinn pushed for the last tax hike, he said it would be temporary, to get Illinois back on firm fiscal footing.  But our state’s problem is spending. Illinois must end wasteful spending, or we’ll never be on firm fiscal footing.  Tell Governor Quinn: don’t raise taxes on Illinois families again. No progressive tax.”