Americans for Prosperity Hosts Successful 2014 Candidate Pledge Signing

Jul 30, 2014 by AFP

MANCHESTER – Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire (AFP-NH) today hosted a successful pledge signing, with over 40 candidates, from Governor to State Representative signing the 2014 pledge which states that, if elected, they commit to: cut taxes and fees and oppose any tax increase; cut spending and the size of government; pass a right to work law in New Hampshire; oppose all forms of ObamaCare in New Hampshire, including Medicaid expansion and uphold both the New Hampshire and United States Constitutions.

“The principles included in the Americans for Prosperity pledge are the recipe for growing our economy, lifting wages and enhancing the New Hampshire Advantage,” said Greg Moore, AFP-NH State Director.  “Our state is positioned to become a leader in growth and prosperity in the Northeast, but it will take a commitment from our leaders to build our economic freedom and push back on the special interests who are fixated on growing government and undercutting the qualities that make us special.  Signing our pledge shows the public who the leaders are that are willing to put a stake it the ground and stand up for prosperity.”

The pledge, which was mailed to all state and federal candidates last week, has shown to be very popular.  To date, over 200 candidates have signed the pledge, including one candidate for U.S. Senate (Bob Smith), three candidates for Governor (Walt Havenstein, Andrew Hemingway and Jonathan Smolin) as well as 18 candidates for State Senate.

“The popularity of AFP’s candidate pledge is a sign of the importance that these bedrock issues have among the public,” added Moore.  “We are very appreciative of those who have signed the pledge, and will encourage all candidates, regardless of party, to send a message to their constituents that they are committed to a more economically free New Hampshire.”