Americans for Prosperity Foundation Stands Behind Voter Registration Effort

Sep 26, 2014 by AFP

Thousands of North Carolinians Are Now Registered to Vote Thanks to Registration Drive

RALEIGH – Americans for Prosperity Foundation has registered thousands of North Carolinians through a new voter registration drive. AFP Foundation pointed out that though a recent mailing of voter registration forms contained a few administrative errors, they were not substantive and the program has resulted in thousands of new registered voters.

“Here’s the key point: helping more people participate in our political process by making sure they are registered to vote is a good thing for democracy and that’s exactly what we are accomplishing,” explained Donald Bryson, North Carolina State Director of Americans for Prosperity Foundation. “We have identified a few minor administrative errors in our mailers and some old information in our data, and we’ll be addressing those. Any large mailing even with 99.9% accuracy is going to have a few inaccurate recipients.

“Ultimately the important thing to know is that our forms are working exactly as intended – when a voter fills out our form and sends it in consistent with our directions, they will be registered to vote. And if citizens have questions, the phone number we provided connects them with the correct state office.

“Here at AFPF we know that voting is a civic duty of paramount importance and that our political process is stronger when more people cast their ballots. We are entirely committed to encouraging more and more citizens to participate in our democracy by helping them register to vote.”

For further information or an interview, please contact Donald Bryson at or 919-710-0484.

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