Americans for Prosperity Disappointed in School Voucher Decision

Aug 21, 2014 by AFP

Decision denies North Carolina families educational freedom

Raleigh, NC – Americans for Prosperity, one of North Carolina’s leading advocates for educational freedom, has issued a statement in regards to a ruling in Wake County Superior Court on North Carolina’s Opportunity Scholarship program. Today, Judge Robert ruled that North Carolina’s school voucher program is unconstitutional.

“We are disappointed by today’s decision. A lawsuit by a special interest group that has financial incentives to trap children in failing schools may cost thousands of children a chance at a quality education, “said Donald Bryson, AFP’s North Carolina State Director.

Bryson continued, “We hope that something can be done, either in the courts or in the General Assembly, to give North Carolina families increased freedom in education. The current system of dictating a “one size fits all” education is not working for many families and they are crying for options.”

The Opportunity Scholarship program would provide as much as $4,200 annually for low-income families who want to send their children to private schools. Earlier this year, the State Educational Assistance Authority received more than 5,500 applications for the 2,400 available scholarships.