Americans for Prosperity Blasts Massachusetts Scheme to Charge Income Tax to New Hampshire Small Business Owners

Jun 23, 2014 by AFP

MANCHESTER – Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire (AFP-NH) today blasted a scheme by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to charge an income tax to New Hampshire small business owners.  According to the New Hampshire Sunday News, Massachusetts will attempt to levy personal income tax on any “of their business devoted to Massachusetts customers.”  Massachusetts will attempt to levy a 5.2% income tax on sole proprietors and partnerships.

“It’s not enough for Massachusetts to charge their residents with a significant income tax, but their big government demands ever more money even after a huge tax hike last year, so now they’ve set their greedy eyes on New Hampshire small business owners to hit them with an income tax,” said Greg Moore, AFP-NH State Director.  “Many Massachusetts residents come across the border for doctors’ visits, hiring a lawyer or to get work done on their car.  These small business owners should not be forced to pay taxes to a state they neither live nor work in.  Obviously, this is a huge issue in the border communities and they would be hit hard.  Just because Massachusetts is incredibly fiscally irresponsible, New Hampshire shouldn’t have to subsidize their bad behavior.”

AFP-NH called on Governor Hassan to lead efforts to block this income tax on New Hampshire residents.

“While we certainly understand that as a supporter of the LLC tax in 2009, Governor Hassan also tried to levy an income tax on small business owners, it’s time for her to show that she has renounced her ways and lead the fight to stop this outrageous tax,” added Moore.  “She should make sure that the Departments of Justice and Revenue Administration are doing everything possible to protect Granite State taxpayers from a foreign income tax that violates common sense as well as the New Hampshire Advantage.  This is nothing more than the Internet Sales Tax on steroids, and we need everyone across the state pulling together to block this stunt by an out of control Massachusetts government.  Is Massachusetts going to send our Liquor stores a bill for the work of the employees who sell products to Bay Staters?”