Americans for Prosperity Asks “Where In The World Is Annie Kuster?” at Protest In Nashua Today

Apr 3, 2014 by AFP

NASHUA – Today, Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire (AFP-NH) asks “Where in the World is Annie Kuster?” after Rep. Kuster has failed to meet her constituents for any town halls to discuss the impact of the Affordable Care Act, commonly called ObamaCare, this year.  Despite the six month window for individuals to sign up for ObamaCare closing yesterday, Kuster has failed to hold even one town hall in that time to discuss the dominant issue facing her district.  In February, Kuster took the NHPR’s “The Exchange” to offer her full-throated support for the law.

“Rep. Kuster didn’t vote for ObamaCare, but she still chose to make it her vision of healthcare for New Hampshire,” said Greg Moore, AFP-NH State Director.  “By doing so, she takes responsibility for the thousands of her constituents who have lost access to their doctors and hospitals, the thousands who have received cancellation notices and the tens of thousands who have seem massive premiums increases.  While all of that is bad, what’s worse is that she refuses to be held accountable to the citizens she represents by meeting with her constituents with a town hall meeting.  It’s time to ask, ‘Where in the World is Annie Kuster?’”

In order to encourage Rep. Kuster to meet with her constituents, AFP-NH will be delivering over a petition signed by over 400 2nd District residents to Kuster’s Nashua district office at 11 AM tomorrow and will hold a protest outside the office, calling on her to host a town hall meeting.

WHAT: Protest outside Rep. Kuster’s Nashua office on ObamaCare

WHEN: 11 AM, Thursday, April 3

WHERE: 70 East Pearl Street, Nashua