Americans for Prosperity Applauds Policy Makers for Leading from Legislature

Feb 20, 2014 by AFP

Taxpayers May Have a Chance to Rein in Spending 

ST LOUIS – The Americans for Prosperity–Missouri 2014 Path to Prosperity policy agenda is taking off under the leadership of the Missouri General Assembly.   This week, Senator Will Kraus announced another victory for free market solutions and smaller government by setting a hearing TODAY, Thursday, February 20th at 8:30 AM for SJR 26 in the Senate Ways and Means Committee.  SJR 26, better known as a Cap Spending Bill, would protect Missouri tax payers from future spending sprees by capping state spending increases as a percentage of the previous year’s revenue plus inflation and population growth.  State surpluses beyond the allowable increase could be added to the rainy day fund or given back to the taxpayer.

While the federal government is running up a $17 Trillion debt and recently passed a debt agreement that has NO spending restraints or limits, Missouri policy makers must take all the necessary steps to ensure that our state remains on a sound fiscal footing.  This legislation allows Missouri taxpayers to vote on a measure that would put in place stronger protections that are needed to ensure government spending remains in check now and in the future,” explained Patrick Werner, Missouri state director of Americans for Prosperity

Werner continued, “AFP-MO, on behalf of its 57,000 activists-members, kicked off its 9 week Path to Prosperity policy document during the first week of the 2014 general assembly by delivering Yellow Pages to every state representative and state Senator: a reminder that Missouri’s budget and spending should not extend beyond core government functions.  Each week thereafter, we have laid out a different policy initiative designed to bring Missouri out of stagnation and onto a path to long term growth by generating new revenue through job growth and steady population increases.  As our Path to Prosperity policy document suggests, protecting the taxpayer by placing spending caps on future legislators is just a part of what is needed to grow our state.”

Reducing Government Spending is one of nine policy goals identified by the grassroots free market organization in its 2014 Path to Prosperity document, which you can see here at

For further information or an interview, please contact Patrick Werner at or 314-780-7687.