Americans for Prosperity – Alaska Launches New Ad Effort

Feb 21, 2014 by AFP

Arlington, VA — Today Americans for Prosperity – Alaska, a chapter of the nation’s foremost advocate for economic freedom, announced the launch of a new ad buy in Alaska to hold US Senator Mark Begich accountable for his support of the carbon tax. The television ad will begin airing this in Alaska statewide.

Watch the ad here:

The new ad points out that, despite Senator Begich’s previous statements that he is against the carbon tax, his voting record indicates otherwise. A carbon tax would cost families $2,000 annually and destroy thousands of Alaskan jobs — without actually helping the environment as it’s intended to do.

AFP – Alaska Spokesperson Heidi Gay said the following: “Senator Begich made the same promise as President Obama: that, under the Affordable Care Act, if we like our health care plan, we can keep it. That turned out to be the Lie of the Year. So it’s not surprising that Senator Begich isn’t being straightforward with us about his support for the carbon tax, either.

“The carbon tax would be detrimental to Alaskan families and our economic growth. If Senator Begich wants to act in the best interest of his constituents, he needs to come clean with us about his stance on the carbon tax.”

The new ad is a continuation of Americans for Prosperity – Alaska’s efforts to hold elected officials accountable for their positions on key economic policies, supported by robust grassroots action throughout the state.

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