AFP’s Leaders of Liberty: Senator Marco Rubio

Jul 17, 2014 by AFP

Sen. Marco Rubio:

Americans for Prosperity is dedicated to promoting economic freedom for America. We believe that liberty and the freedom to operate businesses and create jobs is the path forward for America’s economy. In keeping with this principle, we have created our AFP scorecard, a ranking for politicians based on key votes concerning economic freedom. Each of these blog posts details one representative or senator who has achieved the highest score, a 100, over his or her career in politics. These individuals through their dedication to liberty, economic freedom and a strong economy have helped create opportunities for millions of Americans and brightened all our futures.

Senator Marco Rubio is a famous name in the fight for economic freedom. Having experienced some of the Cuban style of total government, Rubio has spent his political career advocating for less government interference in the markets and in Americans lives. Consistently worked towards creating more liberty for Americans as a whole and his voting record speaks volumes. Here is a breakdown of his key votes and why they helped advance economic freedom: click here

This individual has truly earned their 100 rating on our AFP scorecard. They have been dedicated to freedom from day 1 and their voting record proves it. We are proud to award them this distinction and hope they continue to promote the great ideas which have fought back against government overreach and allowed their districts economies to flourish.