AFP-Wisconsin Thanks Senator Ron Johnson For Supporting DeVos

Feb 2, 2017 by AFP

The grassroots advocacy group is urging senators to support choice for students and parents.

MADISON, WI – Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin issued a statement today thanking Senator Ron Johnson for committing to support Betsy DeVos’ nomination to lead the U.S. Department of Education.

AFP-Wisconsin State Director Eric Bott released the following statement:

“Betsy DeVos has been a champion of more choice for students and parents, and her policies are badly needed at the Department of Education. Americans for Prosperity supports improving educational outcomes and expanding opportunity for all students – and that means we must do better than the status quo of one-size-fits-all education.

“Betsy DeVos’ record shows she would bring a focus on those priorities to the Department of Education, and should swiftly be confirmed as Education Secretary. We thank Sen. Johnson for his commitment to support DeVos’ nomination and for taking bold action on behalf of our kids.”

Americans for Prosperity previously sent a letter to the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) this week, asking that they give full and fair consideration to Betsy DeVos for the role of Secretary of Education. The organization said DeVos had been a champion of more choice for students and parents, and that her policies would be a better direction to take the Department of Education. Click here to read the letter.

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