AFP-Wisconsin Statement on New HHS Report on Obamacare’s Failures

Oct 31, 2017 by AFP

Report finds average nationwide premium increase for 2018 is 37%, compared to 24% last year

Wisconsinites Paying a Whopping 36 Percent More in Premiums

MADISON, WI – Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin reacted to a new bombshell report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released late yesterday showing the harmful effects ObamaCare is continuing to have on Wisconsinites. The report comes on the heels of a recent announcement from the Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance that 75,000 people will lose their coverage by the end of the year largely because of major insurers leaving the state’s Obamacare market.

Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin State Director Eric Bott made the following statement:

“This report is the latest evidence that ObamaCare is broken and cannot be fixed. Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and their BFF Tammy Baldwin told Wisconsinites that their premiums would go down, not up, under Obamacare. The people of Wisconsin are now paying the price for their broken promises in the form of higher premiums and less choice of insurers. Incredibly, Tammy Baldwin continues to defend this failing law and even wants to double down on its worst features with a costly new single payer scheme. Instead of focusing on pie-in-the-sky distractions, Senator Baldwin should confront the reality that Obamacare is hurting – not helping – Wisconsinites and work across the aisle in Congress to provide her constituents with relief.”


The Obamacare lowlights identified in the HHS report include:

  • 37% – The average premium increase for the second-lowest cost silver plan, also called the benchmark plan. Last year, this premium increased 24%.
  • $4,932 – The average annual premium for the benchmark plan for a 27-year old, up from $2,616 during Obamacare’s first year.
  • 17% – The average premium increase for the lowest cost silver plan. Last year, this premium increased 27%.
  • 45% – The average percent increase in Obamacare’s advance premium tax credit, which is rising from $382 to $555 and by 114% from PY14 ($259). Ever-growing subsidies are chasing skyrocketing premiums, pricing out middle-income Americans and turning Obamacare’s exchange into a de facto high-risk pool.
  • 29% – The percent of enrollees who will have the option of only one health insurance issuer offering Obamacare exchange plans, up from 20% in 2017 and 2% in 2016.
  • 55% – The percent of enrollees who will have the option of two or fewer health insurance issuers offering Obamacare exchange plans, up from 43% in 2016 and 14% in 2015.



Wisconsin State Journal: Obamacare Insurance Rates to Rise 36 Percent in Wisconsin Next Year