AFP-WI Has Reached Over 2.5 Million Wisconsin Voters in 2016

Nov 3, 2016 by AFP

MADISON – Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin, the state’s leading grassroots advocacy group for free market issues, is announcing that it has exceeded 2.5 million voter contacts in the state of Wisconsin as of today. With the help of AFP’s state-based grassroots activists, the group has managed to make over 2.5 million voter contacts at the door or over the phone as of Thursday. AFP-WI will continue its efforts through election day, talking to Wisconsinites about the failed policies and record of former Senator Feingold.

Wisconsin State Director Eric Bott of Americans for Prosperity had the following statement:

“The difference we are making in this election is apparent in the conversations we are having with Wisconsin voters every single day. Instead of relying on paid advertising alone to spread our message, we empower citizens across Wisconsin to educate their neighbors about the failed policies of Russ Feingold.

“Wisconsinites remember how poorly Russ Feingold served our state. Whether it was his deciding vote for the failed Obamacare law, the numerous tax increases on Wisconsin families he supported, or the fact that after almost three decades in politics he managed to accomplish almost nothing of value for our state. Russ Feingold consistently failed Wisconsin as an elected official and we want to ensure that voters remember what kind of career politician he really is.”

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