AFP Welcomes Gov. McAuliffe Dropping Medicaid Expansion From Budget

Jan 12, 2017 by AFP
But grassroots organization wants to know if McAuliffe plans to build a “stronger economy” with status quo tax-and-spend, or commonsense reforms

RICHMOND – Americans for Prosperity, the Commonweath’s leading grassroots advocate for limited government and economic freedom, welcomed Governor Terry McAuliffe’s admission in last night’s State of the Commonwealth address that he will not push for Obamacare Medicaid expansion funding in his budget. AFP led the charge for the last three years against McAuliffe’s Medicaid expansion agenda. The organization also asked the governor to provide specifics about how he wants to grow a “stronger economy”.

AFP-Virginia state director Tyler Foote provided the following statement:

“Governor McAuliffe has finally recognized that Medicaid expansion is wrong for Virginia. We welcome his decision to abandon that costly policy and hope he will work with the legislature to pass real healthcare reform that lowers costs and increases access to care. We also are glad to hear he wants to build a “stronger economy”, but details matter. If Governor McAuliffe remains stuck in the past and wants to attempt to grow the economy through increasing the tax burden and spending more on corporate welfare and government programs, he will fail and we will hold him accountable. However, if he is willing to take a fresh look at the commonsense reforms outlined in our Path to Prosperity in Virginia, we welcome the opportunity to advance greater economic opportunity and prosperity for all Virginians.”


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