AFP-Virginia: Statement on Governor McAuliffe’s Executive Overreach

Jun 4, 2014 by AFP

Richmond—AFP-Virginia State Director Sean Lansing issued the following statement Wednesday after the Washington Post reported the McAuliffe Administration is continuing to plan behind the scenes for an Executive Order to expand Medicaid in Virginia:

“Governor McAuliffe’s Washington-style political games and Obama-esque desire to exercise his will by executive fiat have no place in Virginia. It is unacceptable that Terry McAuliffe continues to plow full steam ahead with a failed and costly program that a majority of Virginians do not want.

“With just weeks to go before a government shutdown that will devastate Virginia’s credit rating and friendly business reputation and deny crucial funding to schools and law enforcement, the time for partisan brinksmanship is over. If Governor McAuliffe cares at all about the fate and future of the Commonwealth, he will immediately drop his political demands and work with the General Assembly to pass and sign a clean spending bill.”