AFP Virginia: Statement on Budget Shortfall

Aug 15, 2014 by AFP

Updated numbers make strong case against ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion

Arlington—AFP Virginia State Director Sean Lansing issued the following statement Friday after Governor Terry McAuliffe announced Virginia is facing an increased budget shortfall of nearly $2.4 billion:

“While Governor McAuliffe takes time away from his campaign-style push for ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion to announce that Virginia is now facing a $2.4 billion budget shortfall, he would be wise to rethink his health care policies that will no doubt cripple future state budgets. Medicaid is a broken and failed program that has consistently experienced cost overruns while delivering shockingly poor health outcomes for its enrollees. Medicaid expansion could push the state even further into the red and jeopardize funding for other important government services, force the state to raise taxes, or both.

“Medicaid is also a major driver of our enormous national debt. With the Commonwealth already $2.4 billion in the hole, it makes absolutely no sense to expand a massive, subpar entitlement program that is supposedly bankrolled by a federal government that is already $17 trillion in debt.

“It has become painfully clear that should Governor McAuliffe act to unilaterally expand Medicaid against the wishes of his constituents, the General Assembly and the law, he will be doing so on political grounds instead of in the best interests of Virginia.”