AFP-Virginia: Introduces Statewide TV ad titled “Lawlessness”

Jul 28, 2014 by AFP

Ad will run statewide to hold Governor McAuliffe accountable

Arlington—Americans for Prosperity-Virginia debuted a new statewide television ad Monday, titled “Lawlessness”.

Click here to view the ad.

The ad—which is running across Virginia on both broadcast and cable television—ensures that Governor Terry McAuliffe will be held accountable should he attempt to violate Virginia law by expanding Medicaid without legislative approval.

“Unfortunately for Virginians—who, by and large, oppose ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion—Governor McAuliffe has made it clear that he will stop at nothing to force his reckless agenda on the Commonwealth, even if it means breaking the law,” said AFP-Virginia State Director Sean Lansing. “The governor’s wanton disregard for the will of Virginians and the law might play well with his special interest friends in Washington, DC, but it’s not the Virginia way. Simply put, it’s wrong.”

AFP-Virginia’s TV ad concerning Governor McAuliffe’s reckless actions is the third in a series of ads that are holding the governor accountable on Medicaid expansion.

In addition, AFP-Virginia has run a number of statewide radio ads on the issue of Medicaid expansion while making more than 100,000 door knocks and phone calls across the Commonwealth to educate Virginians on this issue.