AFP-Virginia: Introduces Second Medicaid Expansion Radio Ad

Mar 6, 2014 by AFP

Richmond—Americans for Prosperity-Virginia debuted its second Medicaid expansion radio ad Thursday. Titled “Double Down,” the ad continues to shed light on the reckless behavior of Governor Terry McAuliffe and 23 state Senators who are jeopardizing public safety and K-12 education by threatening a government shutdown over ObamaCare.

“It is reckless and irresponsible for Governor McAuliffe and 23 state Senators to double down on the president’s agenda by continuing to play politics with our state budget,” said AFP-Virginia State Director Sean Lansing. “Threatening a government shutdown over ObamaCare puts our schools and public safety at risk, all in the name of scoring cheap political points.”

“Does Governor McAuliffe forget when he criticized the federal government shutdown just last year?” said Lansing. “His actions are the height of hypocrisy, and they are putting the safety and well-being of millions of Virginians at risk.”

Script: “Double Down”

Narrator: Governor McAuliffe and 23 state Senators are putting our schools and our safety at risk by threatening a government shutdown over ObamaCare.

Narrator: Instead of funding priorities like K-12 education and public safety, they’re doubling down on President Obama’s agenda.

Narrator: By putting politics over people, they’re jeopardizing the well-being of our communities and schools.

Narrator: Thankfully, the House of Delegates is saying no to their reckless behavior.

Narrator: Call your delegate and thank them for putting Virginia’s future ahead of Obama’s agenda.

Narrator: Paid for by Americans for Prosperity.


For further information or an interview, please contact Sean Lansing at or 703-201-5063.