AFP-Virginia: Introduces new TV ad titled “Soured”

Jun 9, 2014 by AFP

Ad will run statewide and hold Governor McAuliffe accountable for his reckless actions

Richmond—Americans for Prosperity-Virginia debuted a new statewide television ad today, titled “Soured”.

Click here to view the ad.

The ad—which is running across Virginia on both broadcast and cable television—alerts Virginians to the fact that Governor McAuliffe will stop at nothing to force his reckless and unpopular Washington-style agenda on the Commonwealth, no matter the cost.

“Governor McAuliffe and his shutdown allies in the Senate need to know that AFP-Virginia’s 70,000 activists and their eight-million friends and neighbors will hold them accountable for their reckless, Washington-style political agenda,” said AFP-Virginia State Director Sean Lansing. “The clock is ticking on funding for our schools and our public safety, and it is beyond arrogant that our governor and his Senate friends are apparently willing to deny Virginia a budget over a failed policy that a majority of the Commonwealth opposes.”

AFP-Virginia’s newest Medicaid expansion-themed ad is in addition to its first statewide ad, “Hostage,” and two statewide radio ads that have been airing since February.

In addition to the television and radio ads, AFP-Virginia staff and volunteers have knocked on nearly 40,000 doors and made almost 70,000 phone calls since April in an effort to educate their friends and neighbors on the perils of ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion and Governor McAuliffe’s Washington-style shutdown politics.