AFP-VA: Under McAuliffe-Northam, Virginia Keeps Falling Behind

Sep 12, 2017 by AFP

VA Median Income Down $1,459 But Up $3,825 Nationally, $6,019 in NC, $6,665 in TN, & $2,299 in MD

RICHMOND, VA – The U.S. Census Bureau today released new numbers on median income and it is more bad news for Virginia. During first three years of the McAuliffe-Northam Administration, median household income in Virginia fell $1,459. Over that same timeframe, national median household income rose $3,825 while median household income in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Maryland rose by $6,019, $6,665, and $2,299 respectively (see chart below).

American for Prosperity – Virginia State Director JC Hernandez reacted to the news:

“These terrible numbers speak for themselves and they say Virginians literally can’t afford Ralph Northam as our governor. Virginia used to be a national economic leader, but now our neighbors are leaving us in the dust – even Maryland. In fact, just a handful of states performed worse than Virginia.  Ralph Northam would continue the same economic policies that got us here. He doesn’t deserve a promotion. We urge Virginians to vote against Ralph Northam.”

Median Household Income (Change From End Of 2013 To End Of 2016)

Virginia -1,459 -2.1% 44
North Carolina 6,019 12.6% 12
Tennessee 6,665 14.9% 9
Kentucky -874 -1.9% 42
West Virginia -24 -0.1% 40
Maryland 2,299 3.2% 35

(“Income,” U.S. Census Bureau, Accessed 9/12/17)

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