AFP Urges Swift Action On Realty Transfer Fee Repeal

Apr 29, 2014 by AFP

AFP Urges Swift Action on Realty Transfer Fee Repeal

Pro-Taxpayer Group Praises Sens. Allen, O’Toole and Van Drew for Introducing Legislation

MONMOUTH JUNCTION – Americans for Prosperity is urging swift action by the Legislature to rescind the state’s realty transfer fee now that repeal legislation (Bill S217) has been introduced by state Senators Diane Allen (R-07), Kevin O’Toole (R-40), and Jeff Van Drew (D-01).

“Bad policies like the realty transfer fee are at the heart of why achieving the American Dream of home ownership is becoming out of reach for far too many in New Jersey,” stated Mike Proto, AFP’s communications director. “New Jersey homeowners, year after year, face the worst property taxes in the country and then when they decide to leave, we hit them again with a fee higher than a month’s mortgage payment. It’s just wrong.”

“Members of the Legislature now have the opportunity to walk the walk. They can help our beleaguered housing market and provide some relief in one fell swoop.”

“AFP urges Sen. Sarlo to post this bill at the next Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee hearing. We also urge the Assembly to take up a companion measure and get the ball rolling on repeal as soon as possible.”

“The realty transfer fee was a bad idea from the start and AFP applauds the efforts of Sen. Allen, O’Toole and Van Drew to get rid of it,” continued Proto. “We’re encouraged to see that a bipartisan group of lawmakers has recognized the folly of this fee and is teaming up to repeal it. Their colleagues should join them and work to make this a reality this year.”

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