AFP-TX Declares Support for Biennial Budget Number

Jul 15, 2014 by AFP
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AFP-TX Declares Support for Biennial Budget Number 

AUSTIN — The Texas chapter of Americans for Prosperity is offering its support today for a budget number to cap biennial spending released by the Texans for a Conservative Budget Coalition.

The budget number would hold budget growth to no more than population growth plus inflation.

AFP-Texas State Director Mike Hasson and AFP States Policy Director Peggy Venable released the following joint statement:

“Texas’ strong economic performance is a result of prudent fiscal policies– policies that reflect a confidence that Texans are better stewards of their hard-earned money than the government. 

“Ronald Reagan once said that ‘government always finds a need for whatever money it gets,’ but in Texas, we expect more of our citizen legislators. When the 84th Legislative Session begins, they’ll be tasked with managing a surplus.  We believe this surplus belongs to the taxpayers, not to the government, and should be treated as such.

“Holding any spending increase to last biennial level plus inflation and population growth will help assure Texas legislators budget wisely.  Just as families cannot spend every dollar they make, lawmakers should budget by funding priorities first and then only fund programs that are legitimate functions of government. 

“We look forward to working with the coalition, leadership and legislators to maintain Texas’s status of leading the nation in job and economic growth.”

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