AFP to Speaker Stumbo: EPA Regs are No Joke

Jul 25, 2014 by AFP

FRANKFORT – Americans for Prosperity responded today to State Representative Gregory Stumbo’s claim on social media that he was kicked out of the White House over comments about the new EPA regulations on carbon emissions. AFP reminded Speaker Stumbo that while he pretends to play tough, families in Kentucky are facing higher energy prices and less jobs.

“Mr. Speaker the real effects of these EPA regs in Kentucky are no joke. And neither should be the work you do on the tax payers dime,” explained Julia Crigler, Kentucky State Director of Americans for Prosperity. “The only joke is that anyone believes how you held accountable an administration you publicly embraced two short years ago, for their job killing policies in Kentucky. It’s disappointing that here in Kentucky this is the best we can expect from House leadership when it comes to standing up for us.”