AFP to Rep. Rahall: How do you Respond to Christina Underwood?

Jun 20, 2014 by AFP

Miner’s Wife Says “Shame on you” – No Response in Two Days from Rahall

BECKLEY – It’s been 48 hours since ads started airing across the third district featuring Christina Underwood saying “Shame on you” to Representative Rahall for not opposing the EPA’s job killing policies. Mrs. Underwood’s husband lost his job three times in the past five years due to company layoffs resulting from the EPA’s war on coal. Ms. Underwood holds Representative Rahall personally accountable for “selling out West Virginia” and not standing up to the EPA’s policies.

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“I’d like an explanation from Representative Rahall for why he’s been silent while the EPA destroyed my husband’s jobs,” explains Christina Underwood, the wife of a miner from West Virginia. “Our family has suffered over the past five years as our savings accounts, college funds, and dreams went dry to pay the bills in between my husband finding new jobs. If Rep. Rahall stood up to the EPA it would at least be a sign he is standing with us and the thousands of families like ours.”

Americans for Prosperity has been the leading critic of the EPA’s job-killing policies and is holding politicians like Representative Rahall accountable for not standing up to the Obama administration’s war on coal.

“Representative Rahall’s silence in the face of the Underwood family’s suffering is unacceptable,” explained Wendy McCuskey, West Virginia State Director of Americans for Prosperity. “Christina’s husband is one among the thousands of coal miners in West Virginia who have lost their job due to Washington’s relentless war on coal. Why is Representative Rahall refusing to stand up for his own constituents? He should at least have the courage to look her in the eye and explain why he’s not standing up for her in Washington.”

The EPA has admitted that its new regulations could destroy up to 34,000 jobs in West Virginia.