AFP to Rahall: Time for 1100 Conversations About the EPA

Aug 4, 2014 by AFP

Alpha Natural Resources Specifically Blames EPA Regulations for Potential Layoffs

BECKLEY – Americans for Prosperity is demanding that Nick Rahall explain himself to the 1100 miners who yesterday learned they may be laid off by Alpha Natural Resources. These miners include the husband of Mt. Nebo resident Christina Underwood, who already lost his job three times as a result of the EPA’s regulations. AFP released an ad earlier this year holding Rep. Rahall accountable for not standing up for miners against the EPA.

Go here to view AFP’s Ad about Christina’s story

Go here to read Christina’s op-ed in the Charleston Gazette

“Nick Rahall needs to have 1100 conversations about why he has repeatedly voted in support of the EPA and regulations similar to those passed by the agency, instead of reining in the reckless bureaucrats,” explained Wendy McCuskey, West Virginia State Director of Americans for Prosperity. “The tragic announcement of potential layoffs is only the latest opportunity Rahall has been given to see the impact of his policies. How much longer will he remain oblivious to the painful effects of his disastrous policies? Will it take another 1100 lost jobs for him to wake up and stop rubber stamping the Obama administration’s ideologically-driven War on Coal?”

Americans for Prosperity has been the leading critic of the EPA’s job-killing policies and is putting pressure on politicians like Representative Rahall to stand up to the Obama administration’s war on coal.