AFP to Gov Nixon: Here’s the State of the State You Could Have Given

Jan 23, 2014 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity Touts Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Blueprint for Returning Surplus to Taxpayers

JEFFERSON CITY — Americans for Prosperity – Missouri, is touting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s State of the State address last night, as an example of what his Missouri counterpart should have proposed. While Governor Nixon proposes spending away the state budget surplus, Governor Scott Walker proposed returning it to the taxpayers. AFP-MO’s state director, Patrick Werner, explained how this is the sort of fiscal discipline that will revive Missouri’s stagnant economy, help struggling families, and make the state competitive again:

“Last night, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, laid out a bold plan to give back to taxpayers the state’s budget surplus. Governor Walker recognizes the truth that Governor Nixon continues to ignore — fiscal responsibility and low taxes are the secret to economic growth and increased prosperity. Missouri’s taxpayers deserve to have their hard-earned money returned to them, not spent on new pet projects. Our economy will remain stagnant so long as government takes more and more from the hard working citizens of our great state.”

“Just this past Tuesday, Americans for Prosperity – Missouri, highlighted the meaningful tax reform passed in Wisconsin and other states in previous years. We will continue to draw attention to those states which are passing bold reforms and encourage Governor Nixon and the state legislature to follow those states down the path to prosperity.”

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