AFP-TN Launches Common Core Ad Campaign

Jun 20, 2014 by AFP

Group is leading the way on education freedom with major new radio effort. 

NASHVILLE— AFP-TN has launched a radio campaign leading the fight against Common Core in Tennessee. The initial run of radio ads will air in Knoxville and Nashville on six radio stations.

The new AFP TN radio spots point out that stopping Common Core will be a key part of the agenda in the coming months.


AFP-TN State Director Andrew Ogles had the following to say:

“In the townhall meetings we recently conducted across the state, no issue has been raised more often or more forcefully than the desire to see Common Core blocked. We are committed to leading the charge to repeal this liberal federal intrusion into Tennessee classrooms.”

“In less than one year since launching our state chapter we have already had significant success in advancing freedom, lowering taxes and restricting government intrusion in our state,” Ogles noted.

Below is the script for the new AFP TN radio spot:

“Hi, this is Andy Ogles, Tennessee Director of Americans for Prosperity. AFP is committed to stopping Common Core!

This year AFP passed the Stop Obamacare Act; delayed implementation of Common Core and stopped a bus lane boondoggle in Nashville that would have cost taxpayers over $175 million dollars!

But we still have work to do – like insuring that Tennessee ends the Hall INCOME TAX and stops the leftist education agenda that IS Common Core!

To join Americans for Prosperity in our efforts for limited government, lower taxes and more freedom go to That’s

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