AFP Thanks Garrett for Opposing Ex-Im Reauthorization

Jul 2, 2014 by AFP

AFP Thanks Garrett for Opposing Ex-Im Reauthorization

MONMOUTH JUNCTION — The New Jersey chapter of Americans for Prosperity is thanking Rep. Scott Garrett for his leadership on opposing reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank.

AFP-New Jersey State Director Daryn Iwicki had the following to say:

“Congressman Garrett has once again proven himself a champion on behalf of taxpayers in the fight against corporate welfare in Washington. Because of his leadership, limited government advocates may yet see the end of a defunct, Depression-era tool for cronyism. Hopefully the rest of Congressman Garrett’s colleagues in New Jersey and the rest of Congress will follow his lead and choose to let the Export Import bank expire. It’s time to stand up for taxpayers, say no to cronyism, and stop favoring well-connected businesses. If Congress does nothing and let’s the bank expire, taxpayers win.”

Americans for Prosperity has been leading a broad coalition of groups opposed to the bank making any more taxpayer-backed loans after its current charter runs out this year.

Grassroots activists in New Jersey and across the country are signing the petition at, asking their lawmakers to let Ex-Im expire. The group also released a short video on the problems with the bank, which can be viewed here.

To read the opposition letter the AFP coalition sent to Congress, click here.

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