AFP-Texas Releases Legislative Report Card

Dec 2, 2015 by AFP

Today, Americans for Prosperity-Texas released the APF-Texas Legislative Report Card which scores legislators’ votes taken during the 84th Texas Legislative Session.

“The biennial Texas legislative session consists of 140 days in which thousands of votes were taken which resulted in 6,083 resolutions and bills passed.

“Legislators deserve recognition for the votes they took to promote economic freedom,” AFP-Texas State Director Jerome Greener who also said that those legislators who earned low grades have done a disservice to the taxpayer.  “The AFP-TexasReport Card provides Texans a mechanism to hold their legislators accountable.”

AFP-Texas led the grassroots activism battle to end the state franchise tax and positively voted other legislation that aimed to reduce the tax as well as created a pathway to elimination.

Other policy issues that were reported include: school choice, a state spending limit, transparency issues, reducing occupational licensing, and paycheck protection.

A total of 22 senate votes and 13 house votes were scored with six senators and 21 house members earning perfect scores.

Senators who earned an A+ on the AFP-Texas Report Card include: Senators Paul Bettencourt, Donna Campbell, Robert Hall, Kelly Hancock, Don Huffines, and Van Taylor.

House members who earned perfect scores include: Representatives Dwayne Bohac, Dennis Bonnen, Greg Bonnen, Dustin Burrows, Gary Elkins, Pat Fallon, Allen Fletcher, Craig Goldman, Jason Isaac, Matt Krause, Jeff Leach, Rick Miller, Jim Murphy, Dennis Paul, Debbie Riddle, Matt Rinaldi, Matt Schaefer, Matt Shaheen, Ron Simmons, Drew Springer, Jr., Scott Turner, and Bill Zedler.

 “We issue the AFP-Texas Report Card to provide Texans with information regarding their legislators’ voting records on important issues we supported or opposed,” explained Greener.

“We are advocates for free markets and individual liberties at the Capitol, and we appreciate the legislators who helped advocate for those policies and legislation, as well as those who fought to keep bad policies from being enacted.”