AFP-Texas Applauds Compt Susan Combs Transparency Work

Apr 10, 2014 by AFP

AFP-Texas has been at the forefront promoting transparency and has focused public attention on local government debt.  We are proud of our work and now more Than ever, the light of public scrutiny is shining on spending at the State and local level.

We have worked with the Texas Comptroller and have awarded Compt Susan Combs the Trailblazer for Transparency Award for her website Texas Transparency, for the reports she has done and the focus she has given to improving transparency.

Texans should know how our public dollars are spent and how much public debt we have. Texas Compt Combs has championed that and helped the sun shine brighter in Texas.  But we have more to do. School districts have over $6 Billion worth of debt on the May ballot and are not required to tell voters how much debt they have now as they ask voters to approve more debt.

Comptroller Combs joined us in calling for that transparency, but opposition was fierce.  One opponent of the measure said that taxpayers might not approve more debt if they knew how much debt the school district has now.

Here is an article highlighting Compt Combs work by Edgar Walters of The Texas Tribune: Report: Texas Ranks Among Leaders in Spending Transparency. Texas ranks highly when it comes to letting taxpayers know how state government spends its money, according to a new report from the U.S. Public Interest Research Group.