AFP-Tennessee Launches New Campaign on Justices, A.G.

Jul 22, 2014 by AFP

Group will educate Tennesseans on judges’ liberal records through radio, direct mail.

NASHVILLE — The Tennessee chapter of Americans for Prosperity, the state’s foremost advocate for economic freedom, is launching a major new effort to educate the public on the liberal records of the Tennessee Attorney General and three Tennessee Supreme Court justices. The campaign includes significant radio and direct mail efforts across the state.

Click here to listen to the radio ad, “Tennessee Should be the Judge.” In the ad, AFP-Tennessee State Director Andrew Ogles explains that because of Justices Clark, Lee and Wade, the state is saddled with an Attorney General who hasn’t advocated for Tennesseans when it comes to ObamaCare.

Ogles released this statement to press following the launch of the ad:

“Tennessee lawmakers stepped up and led when they passed the AFP-supported Stop ObamaCare Act, one of the strongest rebukes to ObamaCare in the country. Like most Tennesseans, they know the law is a bad deal. Unfortunately, these judges and this attorney general have been out of step with Tennesseans who are struggling with huge premiums, or who have lost access to trusted doctors. These judges have robbed us of a strong advocate for health care freedom, and saddled Tennesseans with a liberal agenda that’s wrong for the state.”

Ahead of the next legislative session, AFP-Tennessee will continue advocacy efforts on a wide range of issues important to the state’s residents.


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