AFP Tells Story of Michigan ObamaCare Victim

Feb 19, 2014 by AFP

Multimedia buy part of a larger accountability effort to cut through political spin and get action. 

LANSING — The Michigan chapter of Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s foremost advocate for health care choice, is launching a new television ad today that cuts through the political back-and-forth surrounding ObamaCare and reminds people of the stark realities facing sick patients under the law.

“Julie’s Story: It’s Time to Listen” tells the story of Julie Boonstra, who suffers from leukemia and has seen her insurance plan cancelled and her health expenses become too costly under ObamaCare. Watch the ad here, which is aimed at holding Rep. Gary Peters accountable for his ObamaCare support.

“If it weren’t enough that Julie is suffering from leukemia, now she also has to deal with the consequences of ObamaCare and the disruption it causes to prices and access to trusted doctors,” said AFP-Michigan State Director Scott Hagerstrom. “This ad should be a wake up call to those obsessing over the politics of ObamaCare. Real people are hurting. Their lives are in jeopardy. We need Rep. Peters and others to set politics aside and offer these people a lifesaver. It’s time for us to get some relief from the Lie of the Year.”

“I feel lied to. It’s heartbreaking for me,” Boonstra tells viewers in the 60-second ad, before adding that Peters’ vote for ObamaCare “jeopardized” her health. “It’s time to listen to me. It’s time to listen to the other American citizens out there who are hurting.”

The ad will run for three weeks and will be accompanied by digital and grassroots components at a cost of $750,000. This is the second ad focused on holding Rep. Peters (Detroit) accountable for the ObamaCare mess. View the previous ad here.


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Americans for Prosperity has led a wall-to-wall effort to fight ObamaCare since its inception in Congress five years ago. From grassroots rallies and educational events, to phone banks and letter-writing campaigns, to multimedia campaigns, AFP has made it a priority to fight for repeal of the law.

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