AFP Supported Stop ObamaCare Act Powers Through Senate 23-6

Mar 6, 2014 by AFP

NASHVILLE — AFP applauded the passage of the Stop ObamaCare Act on Thursday, which sailed through the Senate on a 23-6 vote.  Senator Brain Kelsey’s legislation will prevent the further expansion of ObamaCare in Tennessee. Other states have fallen into the trap of “free federal funny money” only to have disastrous results when implementing ObamaCare within their state.

AFP- TN state director Andrew Ogles stated: “With the passage of the Stop ObamaCare Act, the State Senate took a stand against President Obama’s radical agenda and failed policies that are bankrupting this country.  If D.C. won’t do their job then leaders like Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey and Senator Brian Kelsey will.”

“With all the broken promises of ObamaCare, this bill will ensure that the federal government cannot break it’s promise to Tennessee taxpayers and leave them on the hook for more than $2 million dollars a year,” said Kelsey.

Senate Bill 804 was amended to include a provision preventing lawmakers from receiving per diem if they are called back into a special session to vote on Medicaid Expansion. Governor Bill Haslam has sought a waiver from the federal government to allow a state-controlled version of Medicaid Expansion.  After the fed was unwilling to negotiate, Haslam promised to receive legislative approval before any expansion could take place.

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