AFP Statement on Gov. Christie’s Veto Actions

Jun 30, 2014 by AFP

AFP Statement on Gov. Christie’s Veto Actions

TRENTON – Americans for Prosperity state director Daryn Iwicki has issued the following statement regarding Gov. Christie’s veto of $1.6 billion in tax hikes and line item vetoes of corresponding spending in the FY 2015 State budget.

“Gov. Christie did the right thing by sparing taxpayers from yet another onslaught of over $1 billion in taxes.  The terrible tax policies embedded in this budget proposal get to the very root of our issues in New Jersey.  We drive people out of our state—both job creators and job seekers—with such proposals.  Again, don’t take my word for it, drive down Main Street and look at all the closed store fronts and vacant lots.  People who once relied on these stores for jobs are now looking elsewhere; which happens to be just across the Delaware River.”

“While we see vetoed taxes and line item vetoes to strip out the spending fueled by these tax hikes, residents of New Jersey should not be fooled.  Our budget is still bloated and filled with goodies for all kinds of special interests.  Our New Jersey budget will be $4 billion more than what Pennsylvania passed this year—a state which is much larger than ours both land area and population and they spend $4 billion less.”

“Once again, New Jersey taxpayers get no relief. The burden of cutting falls on them—to figure out how they will pay their mortgage and cope with rising food bills, rising tuition bills, and rising gas and energy bills—in order to make ends meet.”

“Cutting spending, cutting taxes and stabilizing our pension system are no longer just ideas, but necessities. Together, they are the only policy recipe that will revive our economy and extricate New Jersey from its current fiscal and budgetary mess.”

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