AFP-IN State Director Justin Stevens Testifies Against HB 1002 Gas Tax Hike

Mar 14, 2017 by AFP

Stevens says that HB 1002 is a step backwards from the tax reforms that are making Indiana a better place to live and work

INDIANAPOLIS – Americans for Prosperity – Indiana State Director Justin Stevens today provided testimony against HB 1002, the proposal to hike Indiana’s gas tax burden to the 5th highest in the nation. Stevens explained that the tax hike is a big step backwards from the state’s tax reforms of the past few years and pointed out that the claimed $1.2 billion infrastructure funding figure has not been vetted to determine how much serves essential needs. Stevens also noted that the legislation would give the governor authority to implement tolls, costing commuters more and more without legislative approval.

AFP-IN State Director Justin Stevens provided the following statement:

“Before lawmakers demand that taxpayers pay the 5th highest gas taxes in the nation, they have a duty to prove that their funding request is essential. The $1.2 billion infrastructure funding figure has not been vetted to determine which projects are essential needs and which are merely wants. Just as Hoosier families have to distinguish needs versus wants in their budgets, lawmakers should do the same – especially when a massive tax hike is on the line. Given that 80% of current gas sales tax revenues do not go to roads and bridges, it is particularly unacceptable to give lawmakers a $1.2 billion blank check.”

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