AFP Stalls Green Energy Handouts on the Runway

Apr 13, 2016 by AFP

Over the past week, Americans for Prosperity has been hard at work opposing the extension of tax handouts to the green energy industry, and yesterday our efforts came to fruition.

Talks to include the crony tax breaks in the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization package fell apart in the Senate, and this morning, news outlets across the nation took note.

“Democrats pointed to a letter sent to the Finance Committee by 30 conservative organizations, including Koch-affiliated groups Americans for Prosperity and Heritage Action. In it, the groups voiced opposition to including an extension of the renewable tax credits in the FAA bill,” the Huffington Post wrote.

The Wall Street Journal explained that the backroom deal fell apart after AFP called out lawmakers’ efforts as corporate welfare. Highlighted in the Washington Examiner was the key vote alert we sent out to Senators Tuesday morning:

“We urge you to vote NO on FAA re-authorization if subsidies for renewable energies are included. These types of handouts have consistently failed to deliver on their promises of long term job creation and economic viability, and they follow the $24 billion in tax credits to wind and solar energy industries that Congress extended just four months ago.”

By bringing this blatant cronyism to light and allowing Americans’ voices to be heard on the matter, AFP successfully used its grassroots model to prevent the Senate from using must-pass legislation as a vehicle to include more handouts to politically-connected companies. In the past week, about a thousand of our activists flooded the inboxes of Congress, and it paid off!

As CEO Luke Hilgemann pointed out in Tuesday’s call with reporters, “Airplanes aren’t running on solar and wind power, so I don’t know why some in Congress are making this a priority for the FAA reauthorization bill.”