AFP Sponsored Stop ObamaCare Act Heads for Full Vote

Feb 19, 2014 by AFP

NASHVILLE (2/18/2014) – The Stop ObamaCare Act passed key House and Senate Committees with ease today. Sponsors of HB 937 / SB 804, Representative Jeremy Durham and Senator Brian Kelsey expect this innovative legislation to reach the main chamber floors for a full vote early next week.

Americans for Prosperity State Director Andrew Ogles stated: “AFP stands committed in support of Rep. Durham, Sen. Kelsey and passing this legislation which is key to protecting our state from further ObamaCare mandates. The legislature has clearly declared they stand with the people and are willing to make the tough decisions to insulate Tennessee from further infringements. They realize this ‘free’ federal money is actually our tax dollars being squandered.”

“This whole idea that we have to grab every single federal dollar is the exact same reason that our country is in the financial shape we are in today,” said Rep. Durham. The bill has been challenged by Democrats and a handful of liberal Republicans throughout the process who are hungry to accept the empty promise of federal dollars. The argument Tennessee is missing out on “free” money up for grabs is muted when compared to the beast TennCare will become if expanded. Current estimates for TennCare/Medicaid expansion under the ACA would cost Tennessee upwards of $695 million dollars over the next three years.